WANTED: The WOW Factor!

Why this web designer wants to WOW her clients.

I don’t know how many clients I’ve had since I started developing websites in 1996, but I can tell you there’s a whole ‘lotta of them. If I had it to do over, I’d have kept track of the number. Having dealt with so many people and developed so many websites, I’ve learned a bit about what’s important to me. One of my revelations is that is that I’m after “The WOW Factor!” when I design a website. 

So, What is The WOW Factor?

In the simplest of terms, I’ve reached my goal when my Client says “WOW!” or “LOVE IT!” Words or phrases that tell me they’re excited about what I’ve done for their website is my WOW Factor. It means I’ve done a great job, not just a good job. I don’t score myself well with phrases like “I really like that.” or “Oh, that’s really nice.”  Close but no cigar just doesn’t cut it for me.

It’s Not MY WOW That Counts

It’s the Client’s WOW that matters to me. I don’t have to like any website that I develop, in fact I have several sites that I don’t like at all. To be very honest with you, I’ve designed some sites that I dislike tremendously but the Client has been ecstatic with the results.

The fact is that I’m not paying me to design their site, the Client is and because they put their trust in me, they’ve earned the right to be WOW’d. Even if I’m not happy with how a site looks, if the Client is WOW’d, I’ve done my job really well and that’s what counts. It’s a high for me to hear phrases that tell me in no uncertain terms that I gave them what they want for their money. If I don’t succeed in achieving the Client’s WOW factor, I’m like a dog with a bone because I take it as a personal challenge to gain their WOW Factor.

Why is The WOW Factor Important to Me?

If I only get feedback such as “I really like that.” just how excited do you think my Clients would be to recommend me to their friends or business associates? They may be satisfied with my work and they may pass my name along to others but if there’s no genuine excitement in their recommendation, how likely do you think the person they’re recommending me to is going to be to contact me to develop their website? I’d say maybe 50/50.

But … if my Client is enthusiastic about what I’ve done for their website it’ll show in their recommendations and in my mind this increases the possibility that their word of mouth will have much more of an impact on new business for me.

The bottom line is that I can advertise until I turn blue but “word of mouth” is golden in every business, and I want my share of the pot’o’gold. I know that nobody is going to give this to me, I have to earn it.


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