custom websites may not be as costly as you may think

There are an awful lot of people who are scared off by the phrase “custom web design.” They read the word “custom” which seems to automatically translate into what I call “Rolling Eyes $ Signs Syndrome” a.k.a. REDSS. They come down with an instant case of the he-be-jeebees and run the other way before taking the time to research it. Truth be known, custom does not always = LOTSA moolah!

For the duration of the time it takes you to read this article, try to dump any assumptions you have about the cost of a custom-made website. A custom website can actually help put you in control of the cost!

CUSTOM-MADE vs. Template Websites

You can buy a website template at probably thousand if not millions of places on the web. They’re all over the place. If you purchase one, your website is going to look like every other website using the same template.  Before you buy that template you might want to think about how important these things are to you:

  • Where’s your company image?
  • Where’s your company’s individuality?
  • Where’s your company’s branding?

People looking for website templates for their businesses are more than likely all going to be attracted to the same category of templates. Lawyers will look for legal style templates, florists will look for flowery style templates yadda yadda yadda. If your website looks like a bunch of other ones — how will you get your company to stand out in the crowd of your competitors? In today’s economy, even one competitor can be a crowd. If you both wind up with the same template … well, you do the math.

Here’s a reality check for you … if you have a website that looks like “the other guy’s”  it’s easy for people to confuse your site with your competition! You really must consider other factors than the cost when you’re building or re-designing your website.

If you’re thinking of buying a template and hiring a designer to customize it, you can do that, too. But don’t count on this to cut your costs. Some of those pre-made templates are quite difficult to work with. The more hours a designer has to put into customizing it the more it’s going to cost you. You may also find yourself limited as to what you can do with them.

So What DOES “Custom Web Design” Mean MONEY-Wise?

Well, dictionary dot com defines the word “customize” as “to modify or build according to individual or personal specifications or preference” which makes the word totally and absolutely relative. Looking at the overall spectrum, you have people who’s personal preferences are a very simple color scheme (black and white for example) they don’t have a lot of text content and maybe they don’t even want a logo.

The flip side are those folks who like bright, bold, busy, can’t get enough bells and whistles on the website pages, images here there and everywhere and the biggest baddest logo I can design. Oh, and don’t forget the auto-play music option! You know – the one that starts playing when people hit your home page and drives more people insane and away than it does to get and keep them on your website.

When I build these websites, I’m going to build them according to each client’s wishes. Either way I’m developing a website to each person’s individual specifications which means each person’s website is custom-made to their liking. Each client’s taste in design displays their individuality and unique-ness online. It’s how they choose to represent themselves and/or their business to the world.

Just Get to the MONEY Part!

If you order a basic cheese & sausage pizza and ask the waitress to add pepperoni and black olives, you’re going to pay a little more for your pizza. Not only are you paying for the additional ingredients not offered in the basic cheese & sausage pizza, you’re also asking them to customize their basic pizza.

Based on the pizza concept —  both of the websites I described are custom-made websites, one is just more customized than the other. A custom website is going to cost you more than a purchased template, but don’t assume this means it’s going to break your piggy bank. How much more is pretty much in your control because you decide how you want your site to look and what bells & whistles you want it to have.

The bottom line is don’t sell yourself short by assuming a custom-made or customized website will be out of your price range. Making this assumption may cost you more than you know. You may just be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for your  money.

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