Plans & Pricing

You may select your hosting plan from any of the preset plans below or … if you need a “something special” custom plan we can do that, too! Simply contact me before registering and I’ll provide you with a low cost custom plan! If you select the Annual Payment Plan you’ll save 5% on your hosting costs every year!

Our Most Popular Plans

These packages are very popular choices for clients hosting a medium to larger site.

Need more? Need something different? Contact us for an affordable custom account tailored specifically to your needs!

Plan D E F G
Monthly Fee $10.50 $11.50 $12.50 $13.50
Space MB’s 250 300 350 400
Bandwidth Gigabytes 10G 12G 15G 20G
Domain Aliases 2 5
Pop eMail 15 20 25 30
Web Mail
Mail Redirects 15 20 25 30
Spam Assassin
Sub-Domains Additional $2 per subdomain per month
+ 1-time current setup fee.
FTP Accounts ** 3 5 5 5
MySQL Database 3 5 7 10
SSL Certificate Custom Plans
Mail Groups *** 5 5 7 10
Mailing Lists 3 5 7 10
Webalizer Stats

Our Small Business & Personal Plans

The plans outlined below are recommended for personal or very small businesses. They are limited in space and goodies, but are very popular with the budget conscious or those requiring very simple hosting needs.

Plan A B C
Monthly Fee $7.50 $8.50 $9.50
Space MB’s 100 150 200
Bandwidth Gigabytes 4G 6G 8G
Domain Aliases
Pop eMail 2 5 10
Web Mail
Mail Redirects 2 5 10
Spam Assassin
FTP Accounts ** 1 1 1
MySQL Database 1
SSL Certificate
Mail Groups *** 1
Mailing Lists
Webalizer Stats

All Plans Include

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Webalizer Stats Plans A-F
  • AWStats Plan G or higher & custom plans
  • Cron Job Management
  • Custom Error Page Availability
  • Send Mail Error Log
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) Capability
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Private CGI Bin
  • Perl and PHP Capabilities
  • PhpMyAdmin for MySQL Management
  • eMail Aliases, Forwarders, Autoresponders
  • Web Based File Manager

Hosting plans may be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually. A 5% discount is offered for annual payments. Please review our Billing Policy before registering for your account.

All plans are for hosting one domain only. If you wish to utilize sub-domains, you must select a plan which allows for the addition of sub-domains. If you wish to register more than one account, we will consider discount pricing on an individual basis. Contact us to discuss options before registering your account.

Server Space includes all data in your home directory, MySQL data and all mail in your email accounts (including saved mail and mail in your trash bin). Our eMail Help Guide will help you to alleviate your eMail causing you server space issues.

Use of sub-domains may require an upgrade to include additional server space.

SSL Certificates: Purchase of the Certificate and all fees are your cost. Certificates require installation and renewal. Nominal fees for installation and renewal are at current cost at the time of service.

Streaming Audio or Video: We’re sorry, but due to the extreme bandwidth that streaming consumes, we are not able to host sites requiring streaming capability.

Adult Content: Per policy, we do not host adult content sites under any circumstances.

You will be notified if you exceed your quota and may then either upgrade your account or trim your data base or other portions of your site. In many cases an account goes over quota due to not keeping the webmail trimmed.

Mail Groups: Similar to a Mailing List, does not need installation but requires simple set up by the hosting client.

We’re sorry, but due to the horrendous spam issues that autoresponders contribute to and cause, we are no longer offering autoresponders as an option.

Prohibited Practices

  • Mass or bulk mailings such as newsletters and other volume e-mailing. We suggest you sign-up for an account with an online eMail marketing service such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or another. These services provide for all the legalities involved in high volume mailings, eBlasts and similar mailing practices. In most cases fees are minimal!
  • Use of Anonymous FTP
  • Pointing a domain to a Sub-Directory
  • Banned Scripts