Automatic Backup for Wordpress Sites

Everyone Needs a Backup Plan!

Are you backing up your WordPress site manually? Is this a task that you often forget or put off until tomorrow and then tomorrow never comes? This is a potential disaster waiting to happen!

Don’t get caught with your site down. Protect your website and your business from lost time if your website crashes, is hacked or in some other way damaged. Having a current backup can save you a considerable amount of money if it has to be restored.

Plan Pricing

Our backup plans are for WordPress websites only. Your website content and database will be backed up automatically at the interval you choose and stored safely off-site. Backup plans are billed quarterly, semi-annually or annually at your option.

  • Once Monthly Backup = $2.50 month
  • Bi-Weekly Backup = $3.50 month
  • Weekly Backup = $5.25 month
  • Daily Backup = $8.25 month
  • Hourly Backup = $10.25 month

How to Get Your Backup Plan

You can host your website here or elsewhere and still take advantage of our automatic backup plan. Click over to our contact page and select Automatic WordPress Backup Inquiry from the general contact form. Complete the rest of the form and don’t forget to tell us in the comments field which backup plan you’d like. We’ll respond with the particulars to get your backup set up and running fast — usually within 24 hours or less! Setup and your first month’s backup is FREE!