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Anyone can build a web site but developing a quality web site (keyword here is “quality”) can be confusing and overwhelming. Our planner will help guide you through the process of determining what you really want and need for your site. The end result is what we call your “Wish List” which is an absolutely essential tool that details what you want for your web site. Your Wish List helps us to supply you with the best solutions and it’s what we use as a base to prepare your estimate.

We don’t ask these questions because we want to frustrate you. The answers are ones that every web designer needs to develop a web site. We either ask now or we ask later but we must ask. Skipping questions or giving incomplete answers will only delay the entire process. The more information you provide here, the less questions you’ll need to answer later.

First — A Little PREP Talk

This form includes several commonly required fields which are indicated with a ” * “

An additional (and probably unexpected) field will require you to input a link to a website that you like to provide us with a visual sample. If you do not have at least one link (2 or 3 are even better!) to a website you like, please do some browsing prior to completing this form. If you can’t include at least one link you will not be able to submit this form.

Why do you require this?

Because we don’t have crystal balls sitting on our desks nor do we have a degree in Mind Reading. It’s our job to give you the website *you* want and save you money wherever we can. If you cannot give us at least one example of what you are looking for in a website, you will probably spend more money than necessary and it will likely take an unreasonable amount of time to build your site. In a nutshell — it pretty much means that you are probably not ready to proceed and should do some additional footwork first.

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