Writing Space too Small?

bttn WordPress Tutorials for Beginners 255x104Some people (myself included) may find the writing area in the WordPress Editor a bit to small for their liking. When I have a lengthy article or post going, I often want to be able to see the entire page, not just the small section of the screen that’s visible in the editor screen. This is especially true when I’m adding my subtitles and want to get a better idea of what my page looks like before I publish it. Scrolling up and down just wasn’t cutting it. I was really getting frustrated until I realized — there’s a button for this!

Toggle It!

the toggle fullscreen mode button in the WordPress editorYou’re not stuck with the size of the screen editor! you can click on the Toggle Full Screen Mode button which is the one in the screen shot.

When you click the toggle button, your screen will open up to full size and unless your page is exceptionally long, you should be able to see your entire written page. Even if your page is super long — you’ll still be able to see considerably more of it in fullscreen mode.

What Will You See?

Well, for starters and especially if you have a large computer screen — you’ll be looking at a jumbo sized white screen. It’s not pretty but you’re not in here for looks.

Don’t panic — you didn’t break anything. Your right and left side admin navigation will temporarily disappear. They’re not gone, they’re just hidden in fullscreen mode so you will temporarily lose the use of the links on the left and the options on the right navigations.

Your button bar will remain at the top of the screen but the four very top buttons to the right of “Upload/Insert” will more than likely move down and/or over so you can still use them. You just may have to hunt for them the first few times until you become familiar with their temporary placement in this mode. On my screen these four buttons usually pop down to the far right of the top row of buttons.

Get Me Outa Here!

To exit full screen mode, simply click that same toggle button again and you’ll be returned to the more familiar editor screen.