Ready for Prime Time? PUBLISH IT!

bttn WordPress Tutorials for Beginners 255x104By now you’re probably wondering if you were ever going to get to the point of publishing your page. You may in fact have already figured it out — it’s not tough to do.

It’s best to be totally satisfied with what you’ve written and how you’ve “decorated” your page or post before publishing it. This helps to keep your embarrassment to a minimum — after all you don’t want the world (or even just your Mom or your best friend) to see unfinished, sloppy or weird looking work.

Whenever you’re ready for your page to be displayed on your site for the world to see, just click the PUBLISH button. That’s it. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you — you’re an author!

Be Sure to View It Live After You Publish It!

I’ve found that for some crazy reason — almost every page I write seems to look or read differently once it’s published. I don’t know what it is or why it happens and it’s probably just a brain-game — but I’ve even had clients tell me this the same thing. When a page is set live it can look or read differently than what you expected. The point is here — it’s not just me that this happens to. For this reason — even if you think you have it right in the writing and editing stages — I find it’s very important to review your work after its live.

But don’t fret if you find after it’s published that — oops! You’ve got a typo, your text doesn’t read quite the way you want it to, it doesn’t look just right or any number of details can come to light after your page is live.

You can always go back and edit it and no, you do not have to change it to a draft to do this. You can edit a live page and editing is no different than writing it. Just go back to your page or post, make your pages and click the UPDATE button as needed.

Note that after a page is live the PUBLISH button changes to an UPDATE button.

Remember that if you change the text title — you may want to follow the instructions for changing or correcting your title as well. This isn’t always necessary, you need to determine the importance of changing a link that displays your page in a browser first. If your page or post is well read and coordinates with your title, you may not have to change the permalink.

Your Page or Post is Live — What’s Next?

Call or email your Mom and Dad, your friends, your brothers and sisters! Be proud! It’s time for them to read what you wrote! If you’ve written a post — get your blog going by asking them to leave a comment. I’ll get into monitoring and approving comments in another tutorial.