Adding Subtitles to Pages and Posts

bttn WordPress Tutorials for Beginners 255x104Now that you’ve got your page or post written, it’s time to begin jazzing things up! I like to dress things up with the use of subtitles. Adding subtitles makes for a little fun in my job and subtitles add interest to my websites — and gives them a little pizazz!


Making a Subtitle

Adding interest and breaking up your pages with a little “white space” is very important to your viewers. Remember you want them to want to read what you have to say and you want them to be able to do this without inflicting eye strain on them. This is where using subtitles is oh so very handy! To make a subtitle:

  1. Strike your ENTER key after your last paragraph.
  2. Type in your subtitle.
  3. Click your ENTER key again.
  4. Your subtitle is currently just a paragraph or words with a break after it.
  5. Highlight your subtitle text with your mouse.
  6. making subtitles in the WordPress editorGo to the button editor and locate the “Paragraph” drop down.
  7. Click the arrow to the right of “Paragraph” to scroll to and view “Heading” options.selecting a heading for your subtitle
  8. Your designer will tell you which heading you should select. It’s common to use Heading 2 (in web designer language it’s the H2 tag) but it’s not guaranteed this is what your designer set up for your site’s subtitles. Your site may also use more than one heading. If you don’t know, please ask! If you pick the wrong one you’re going to mess up the look of your site.
  9. Click the correct Heading selection and your subtitle is done!


A Little Twist to Adding Subtitles

I’ve found that when creating subtitles it’s easier if after I enter my subtitle text and strike my ENTER key, it helps to add some words below that. The words can be anything — gibberish works — I just go back later and change my gibberish to what I want it to say. You should be looking at a paragraph, your subtitle and the start of another paragraph with white space above and below the subtitle, like this:

using paragraphs to space your subtitle

I then go back and make my subtitle following the Heading instructions above. What I’ve found happens if you don’t do it this way and wait to add your next paragraph until after you’ve created your subtitle, WordPress grabs the Header tag and all the text below the subtitle will take on the look of the subtitle which will undoubtedly make for a very strange looking page! If I type in some words below the subtitle and then go back and create my subtitle using the Heading selection tool, I’ve found I have much better results with probably a 100% guarantee I won’t have to go back and fix anything.