Wordpress Tutorials for Beginners

Are You a Beginner with WordPress?

Need some help with learning to work in it or perhaps a convenient index of my WordPress Tutorials would come in handy for you? A few years ago I was a beginner myself and found myself totally lost at first. I also found that with more and more clients wanting WordPress sites — I needed a good basic system for helping my clients learn to manage their own sites if that’s the direction they chose to go in. In order to help both my clients and others, I’m developing a list of WordPress lessons geared for newbies to WordPress.

My lessons were originally written in the order in which they should be read, but thing change quickly in WordPress so I gave up the chronological order thing awhile back. Some of the titles may not sound like something you want to take the time to read but if you miss important tips and information written to help you understand how to work in WordPress you may find yourself confused all over again. I hope you find them helpful!

 Tutorials for WordPress Beginners from Digital Mouse Designs


A lot of time, effort and work went into writing these tutorials. They are not for reprinting in any format be it on another website, print format or in any other way. You’re invited to link to them from your website (please do!) or tell others about them but I will enforce strict copyright rules on each and every one of them. Think “Violators Will Be Prosecuted!”

  1. Why am I Writing WordPress Tutorials?
  2. Select a WordPress Tutorial Author
  3. Logging in and Accessing Your WordPress Admin Area
  4. Having Troubles? Could be Your Browser!
  5. Before You Get Started — Back Up! Back Up! Back Up!
  6. Exporting Your Site Text Content
  7. Tips for Successful Copying and Pasting in WordPress
  8. Page or Post? Simplified!
  9. A Look at the Page Index Screen
  10. What Does My Page Look Like? Previewing Pages and Posts
  11. Create a Page and Give It a Title
  12. Writing Text Content in the WordPress Editor
  13. Adding Subtitles in Pages and Posts
  14. Jazz Things Up With Some Text Decoration!
  15. Ready for Prime Time? PUBLISH IT!
  16. Writing Space to Small? Make it Bigger!
  17. Approve COMMENTS Not SPAM!
  18. Managing the WordPress MENU Feature