Web Design for Wordpress

We specialize in personalizing themes for WordPress and customizing the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). There are umpteen thousand WordPress themes available, however if you use a pre-made WordPress theme “as is” your website looks like everyone else using the same theme.

We feel it’s important that every website have that personal touch so your website is “you” rather than looking like all the rest of “them.” A custom design website look sets you apart from the rest and helps you brand your business or make your personal website stand out and be all about you. In order to give you a few “before and after” samples, we’d like to share a few of our completed custom WordPress projects we’ve done.

Personalized WordPress Theme Samples

WordPress Isn’t “Just a Blog” Anymore

Many people think of WordPress as “just a blog” or that WordPress is “too bloggy looking” for their needs. That’s old fashioned thinking! WordPress is considered to be absolutely the most versatile Content Management System available. Using WordPress as a base doesn’t mean your website has to look like a WordPress website!

Add-On To or Upgrade Your WordPress CMS!

We can, but we don’t have to stop at personalizing just your theme, we can also customize your WordPress CMS system as well! The list of things that can be done with WordPress as a base is literally endless. Here are just a few of our most popular requests:

  • Convert your website to WordPress or another CMS if you prefer;
  • Add just about anything to your website, take off what you don’t like or simply move things around;
  • Enhance your website with the use of plugins and add-ons;
  • Add a simple shopping cart for just a few items or develop a full-featured online store;
  • Develop custom-made forms for any use;
  • Add sociability to your website with video, a blog, social sharing buttons and other social media features;
  • Add a simple photo gallery to share a few photos all the way up to designing and developing a fully functional personalized photographer’s website.

Dreaming of the Perfect Website?

We’ll make it happen for you. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish with your website, contact us today to get started.