Web Site Design

Do You Really NEED a Content Management System?

There are web designers who believe in no uncertain terms that every web site developed should use a Content Management System. Some don’t even ask the client if they need or want it, they just do it as one of their own standard operating procedures. I’m not among those designers. I look at things differently and believe the use of a CMS should be based on the needs of a web site, that use of a CMS is as individual as a web site itself and that there are pros and cons to using a CMS […]

Just What Do You Pay a Web Designer For?

Some people are convinced that they can develop their own web site and it’s no secret that they can … and so can you. I chuckle every time I hear this and in fact Intuit even has a TV commercial about their new service that offers you the opportunity to create your own web site. There are probably thousands of places online you can do the same thing, so it’s not out of line for a person to believe it’s a snap to do. Am I worried about being run out of the web design business because of […]

Developers! We Need Valid Code! Pretty Please?

If there’s one thing that’s in my Top 10 Pet Peeves (more like in the Top 3) it’s invalid code in themes, templates and plug-ins for CMS’s and blogging scripts.  This issue is not solely related to WordPress, I’ve had the same thing happen in every single CMS I’ve ever used. A good majority of the designers (me included) who use these pre-made products not only try very hard to have all their pages validate, but in cases like designing for the visually impaired and cross-browser compatibility it’s […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with WordPress


I’m not one of those people who openly sings the praises of WordPress. Like anything else, something great is never perfect and as popular and versatile as it is, it’s still not the ideal solution to every single person’s web design prayers. I don’t believe there is now or ever will be such a thing because it’s impossible for any one thing to meet 100% of everyone’s needs. Some people love it, others hate it and you can probably toss in a good number of those that are just plain confused by […]