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Take the Vanilla OUT of Your Site Content

creative writing is like flowers flowing from your pencil

I don’t know about you but when I read a book, a website, a blog or other media I like to be informed, entertained or maybe amused. I want to feel the fear if I’m reading a thriller or mystery. Maybe I need a good case of the giggles or I might want to make myself a better person so I pick up a few self-help books. Students must read in order to become educated and parents read to their children not only to entertain them but to teach them any number of things. The list goes […]

Congratulations! You WON an AWARD!

congratulations - you're the winner - now display this ribbon to put on your website

It’s really a great feeling isn’t it? You’ve just received an email telling you that you’ve won an award for something. You probably didn’t even know you were up for an award unless you’d entered a contest or participated in an activity that honors the top winner(s) with some kind of an award. Most of the time, people hoping to win an award are aware that they’re in the running. They’ve applied for it, written something and submitted it for consideration, maybe you’re an athlete in some sport and you […]

What’s This Gibberish on My Website?

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Web designers have all kinds of nifty little tricks they use in website development which help not only themselves but their clients as well. Just one of these tricks is the use of a little something called “Lorem Ipsum” and since most of my clients don’t have a clue what this is, I thought I’d write a short blog post on it to help them learn.
When a designer builds a web site, some of us need to or want to see what the pages will look like with text content on the pages so that we can […]

Displaying Quotes on Your Website


I was cruising Twitter tonight looking for some fresh ideas for a new articles for my websites when I noticed that Michelle Schaeffer had tweeted some neat quotes. I’m talking about those great “words of wisdom” tidbits written both by famous people and even not so famous people. Heck, you don’t have to be famous to be wise or witty! It’s not uncommon to see quotations in Twitter streams which tells me more people than I thought are interested in quotations.  I asked Michelle (@SmallBizMuse) where she got her quotes from and she gave me some links […]