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Avoiding Penalties from the Link Police

Link Police -- Avoiding Penalties from the Search Engines

When it comes to SEO, make it a point to ensure that your website links are safe. This very simply means that your links are honest, clean and built so that they won’t prompt Google to penalize your site. There are links which are considered spammy or low-quality in the eyes of the Google bots. There are more, but a few of the linking strategies that Google is now penalizing for are; poor quality non-contextual links, paid links and link directories & networks. I’ve never agreed with any of these strategies anyway and so I was […]


search engine friendly websites

In the past month alone I’ve been asked three times by new clients to make their website #1 in the search engine rankings. At the very least they want first page results. These types of questions make me want to say something like “No problem! Hang on a minute — I’ll grab my magic wand and wave it over your website.” If I could do this, I’d be the best paid web designer slash search engine optimization person in the world! I could retire on my millions and live happily ever after frolicking in fields with my dogs […]

Congratulations! You WON an AWARD!

congratulations - you're the winner - now display this ribbon to put on your website

It’s really a great feeling isn’t it? You’ve just received an email telling you that you’ve won an award for something. You probably didn’t even know you were up for an award unless you’d entered a contest or participated in an activity that honors the top winner(s) with some kind of an award. Most of the time, people hoping to win an award are aware that they’re in the running. They’ve applied for it, written something and submitted it for consideration, maybe you’re an athlete in some sport and you […]

How Long Will it Take for My Web Site to be #1?

Right after “” this has got to be the most often asked question every web designer or search engine specialist is asked. In fact, I had a new client ask me this just the other day. It seems to be the number one sought after answer every client considering delving into search engine optimization for their web site wants to know. The honest, up-front answer is probably one you won’t like the answer to because the answer is that I don’t know. No one knows because there is no way to predict this and no way […]