On WordPress

Website Maintenance & Security Updates

Absolutely every web site is subject to hacking. Whether your site is a static (non-database) site or one that is built on a database of any kind including a Content Management System (CMS) or blogging platform, it’s out there for the hackers to mess with. There is no way around this, period. Hackers enjoy disfiguring and destroying web sites, it’s what they do and they can simply make a mess of your web site by disfiguring it all the way on up to total destruction.

I think it takes a pretty sick individual to find […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with WordPress


I’m not one of those people who openly sings the praises of WordPress. Like anything else, something great is never perfect and as popular and versatile as it is, it’s still not the ideal solution to every single person’s web design prayers. I don’t believe there is now or ever will be such a thing because it’s impossible for any one thing to meet 100% of everyone’s needs. Some people love it, others hate it and you can probably toss in a good number of those that are just plain confused by […]