Do-It Yourself Web Sites

Robbed by an Online Debit Card Thief!


I had a bit of an eye opening experience earlier this week when we became the victim of online theft by debit card. What does this have to do with web design, SEO or web hosting? Absolutely nothing. So why am I writing about it? Call it a public service announcement from me. I hope by reading my story I will be helping you to avoid having to deal with the same problem I’m now having to handle. You can call me stupid for not knowing this if you feel you have to, but I also figure if I […]

Website Maintenance & Security Updates

Absolutely every web site is subject to hacking. Whether your site is a static (non-database) site or one that is built on a database of any kind including a Content Management System (CMS) or blogging platform, it’s out there for the hackers to mess with. There is no way around this, period. Hackers enjoy disfiguring and destroying web sites, it’s what they do and they can simply make a mess of your web site by disfiguring it all the way on up to total destruction.

I think it takes a pretty sick individual to find […]

Developers! We Need Valid Code! Pretty Please?

If there’s one thing that’s in my Top 10 Pet Peeves (more like in the Top 3) it’s invalid code in themes, templates and plug-ins for CMS’s and blogging scripts.  This issue is not solely related to WordPress, I’ve had the same thing happen in every single CMS I’ve ever used. A good majority of the designers (me included) who use these pre-made products not only try very hard to have all their pages validate, but in cases like designing for the visually impaired and cross-browser compatibility it’s […]

Do-It Yourself Web Sites

My article on provides information you can use to make your decision on whether or not to hire a designer or create your own website. I’d really like to hear what you think of creating a web site without any background in the field. If you’ve already developed your own web site, would you share your experiences? Would you do it again or would you hire a professional web designer instead […]