Content Management Systems

Do You Really NEED a Content Management System?

There are web designers who believe in no uncertain terms that every web site developed should use a Content Management System. Some don’t even ask the client if they need or want it, they just do it as one of their own standard operating procedures. I’m not among those designers. I look at things differently and believe the use of a CMS should be based on the needs of a web site, that use of a CMS is as individual as a web site itself and that there are pros and cons to using a CMS […]

Website Maintenance & Security Updates

Absolutely every web site is subject to hacking. Whether your site is a static (non-database) site or one that is built on a database of any kind including a Content Management System (CMS) or blogging platform, it’s out there for the hackers to mess with. There is no way around this, period. Hackers enjoy disfiguring and destroying web sites, it’s what they do and they can simply make a mess of your web site by disfiguring it all the way on up to total destruction.

I think it takes a pretty sick individual to find […]