Client-Designer Relationships

I’m Afraid My Web Designer Owns My Website!

I recently received an inquiry from someone who’d found and read my Who Owns My Website? article. Concerned that she may not own her website, she asked for some guidance. Instead of charging her a private consultation fee, I decided I’d blog it instead so that others might learn from her situation. Her inquiry covered more than website ownership, so I’ll give you a condensed version:
“I stumbled across your website in my search for articles on “my web guy owns my website” which is my first concern. >>>snippp<<<
I was […]

Get Your Web Design IN WRITING

website design contracts

Looking to have a new website developed or maybe you need a design make-over for your tired looking out-of-date existing website? One of the most important things you can do is to get a contract from your web designer. Why? In a word …. protection. Are you a web designer taking on a new client? Prepare a solid web site development contract and get it signed by your client. Why? In a word … protection. Yup, it works both ways, folks.
I’ve been in the web design business long enough to have […]

Just What Do You Pay a Web Designer For?

Some people are convinced that they can develop their own web site and it’s no secret that they can … and so can you. I chuckle every time I hear this and in fact Intuit even has a TV commercial about their new service that offers you the opportunity to create your own web site. There are probably thousands of places online you can do the same thing, so it’s not out of line for a person to believe it’s a snap to do. Am I worried about being run out of the web design business because of […]