BLOGS. A Powerful Tool with a Dumb Name

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Blog. Whoever invented such a crazy little word? We’ve been using the word for so long that we probably just accepted the term without thinking about it. It’s common for people to make up acronyms or a shortened version of just about any word longer than seven or so letters these days.

Before there were “blogs” internet journals were referred to as “web logs”. For the sake of brevity or maybe being cool, someone shortened the two words to one and the word “blog” was born. I hope the guy who invented the word doesn’t take offense […]

Take the Vanilla OUT of Your Site Content

creative writing is like flowers flowing from your pencil

I don’t know about you but when I read a book, a website, a blog or other media I like to be informed, entertained or maybe amused. I want to feel the fear if I’m reading a thriller or mystery. Maybe I need a good case of the giggles or I might want to make myself a better person so I pick up a few self-help books. Students must read in order to become educated and parents read to their children not only to entertain them but to teach them any number of things. The list goes […]

How High is YOUR Blog Fence?


I’ve been trying to spend a bit more time visiting other blogs and making an effort to write comments but only when I feel I have something valuable or useful to say. The idea isn’t to just get out there and yammer on every blog you can find just so you can say you left a comment. What you say is supposed to relate well to the original blog post and/or to the corresponding conversation generated by the post. It’s not a contest to see how many blogs you can post meaningless gibberish on […]

Developers! We Need Valid Code! Pretty Please?

If there’s one thing that’s in my Top 10 Pet Peeves (more like in the Top 3) it’s invalid code in themes, templates and plug-ins for CMS’s and blogging scripts.  This issue is not solely related to WordPress, I’ve had the same thing happen in every single CMS I’ve ever used. A good majority of the designers (me included) who use these pre-made products not only try very hard to have all their pages validate, but in cases like designing for the visually impaired and cross-browser compatibility it’s […]