Need Help Choosing Your Domain Name?

Choosing your website’s domain name could very well be one of the most important decisions you ever make. It not only brands your business but can brand you as well. You want it to be meaningful, easy to remember and relate to your product or service.

Considering so many domain names are already taken, this can be a much more difficult task than you might ever imagine. For example, if you choose a name that happens to be to close to another say really famous name, you could be running the risk of being sued. Hey, it happens! On the other hand – you could wind up making some big bucks if some big company finds it similar enough to theirs to want it – some of those companies have the cash to pay some big bucks to buy our your name. But I wouldn’t consider that to be on the “Highly Likely” list so I don’t suggest making it a priority to come up with a domain name that you think will tempt some rich company buying you out.

Avoid Selecting What Could Embarrass

There’s another reason you must be careful when choosing your domain name … you don’t want to embarrass yourself either.  I Googled “embarrassing domain names”  … take a look for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

You Can Learn to Hate What You Originally Loved

When I purchased “Digital Mouse Designs” a few years ago, I absolutely loved it and just HAD to have it! At that time it beat “” all to heck. Now I’m unbelievably sorry I ever registered it. It’s just way to long and even I get sick of typing it in where typing it in is necessary. Because of it’s length, it’s also easy to typo it which is really annoying to me. I keep thinking, if I can typo my own domain name, imagine what it might be like for others? Ugh.

I’ve been on a hunt for a new domain name off and on for several months now and so far I’ve not had any luck. I feel like I really need to move away from the “mouse” concept but my brain seems to be hung up on it. I’ve come up with some that I really think will do the trick only to find out they’ve already been registered by someone else.

A Bit of Help Choosing Your Domain Name

Tonight I was doing the Twitter thing when I came across this article tweeted from ProBlogger: Which Domain is Right for You? If you’re trying to drum up a great domain name, I would strongly suggest that you read this. This article talks about a few things that you really should think about before selecting a domain name and provides help in choosing. It’s a great tool for looking at things from different perspective angles. I’ve bookmarked this link and I think I’ll be reviewing this article a few times and really putting some thought into my own selection. I’m hoping it will help snap me out of my domain name rut.

For a little more information on domain names and how they work, you might like to read my article “What is a Domain Name?

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