SEO Plans

Below you will find a description of three SEO Plans I offer. There are significant differences between the plans and it’s important that you understand what you are buying before you purchase. Please review each one thoroughly before selecting the plan you’d like to purchase.

How Do I Secure an SEO Plan?

All that’s necessary for you to get started is to download the SEO Application, complete and return it to me. New clients will be required to submit a non-refundable retainer fee which is generally 50% of the estimated total cost of the SEO work to be performed. You will be advised of your retainer amount by email.  Fees may be paid with a check by U.S. Mail included with your completed application, or by visiting the secure online payment center.

Because I must ask for sensitive information that neither of us want transmitted over the Internet via eMail or submission by form, for security reasons the application is in PDF format. The completed application is then returned to me by U.S. Mail or fax. I understand that this is a bit of an annoyance over just filling out an online form or sending it back by eMail, but I’m quite confident you will agree that your site’s security is more important than this slight inconvenience.

After reviewing all the available plan options below, you can purchase your plan here!

Basic SEO Plan

For those on a very tight budget … a one time service which involves title, image, meta description and very basic content analysis. Key words and phrases are optimized solely based on those supplied by the client, but no research is done on the supplied key words or phrases. No humanly visible changes are made to your site content.

This plan is most definitely not what I recommend for any site as there is no research or other in depth services performed that would be much more beneficial to your web site. Remember for best results, good SEO is an ongoing overall process and involves much more than is provided with this plan.

Basic Plus SEO Plan

One time service which includes the basic services above and includes research of keywords and key phrases provided by client. Keep in mind that although the client knows their business better than I do, they most often do not know what are the best keywords or phrases to get their site found! This is one very important reason why the Basic and Basic Plus Plans are not plans I recommend. Very simply put, they are not as complete and comprehensive as good SEO should be.

Additional services include simple content editing or rewriting which means there may be minor humanly visible content changes. The client is responsible for review of all changed content.

A simple eMail report outlining additional recommendations for improving your site SEO is supplied to the client on completion. I do suggest that you discuss the recommendations with your designer as some of the necessary changes may involve significant changes to your web site which may involve work to be completed by your designer. You may wish to obtain an estimate of what your designer will charge you to do the work before proceeding.

Once again I must stress that any one-time SEO service is not ideal, nor is it advisable to perform SEO services to just a portion of a web site.

Advanced SEO Plan

Includes all services in the Basic Plus Plan, with the addition of code clean-up and more intense content and key word research analysis.

Clean code is essential to good search engine optimization. Code clean up may be extensive! Sites that use outdated coding will be updated to more current standards. In some instances this means rewriting of the existing style sheets, the addition of style sheets if the site doesn’t currently use them, in-page code updating and/or re-writing, creating brand new page templates and/or other miscellaneous backend tasks that may keep your site from doing as well as it could in the search engines.

Additional key word research means I will not only utilize the key phrases you supply but I will perform my own research. It may be found that your site is not using the most appropriate key phrases to gain better placement.

Your site will then enter recurrent monitoring status which takes place approximately every 8-12 weeks dependant upon search engine activities, edits, modifications to your site, technology changes and the overal needs of your individual site.

Advanced SEO Plan Billing

Many clients ask how much the ongoing Advanced services run on a regular basis. It’s been my experience that aside from the evaluation fee, the initial SEO procedures are the most costly. After all, I’m starting from scratch on a site that may or may not need substantial help. Subsequent monitorings generally average 30-60 minutes to complete. You may receive billings where only a ranking check is performed. This is good news, it tells you that your site is doing well.

After a recurring ranking check is performed , if the site ranking is good I most often don’t touch it except for an occasional tweak here or there. You are billed only for the recurring ranking check. A minimum $25 fee applies. No reports are submitted to the client — no news is good news!

Peaks, valleys and plateaus in a site’s rankings are quite normal. If over a period two to three rankings checks, I find rankings are slipping significantly, I automatically make modifications accordingly. You’re billed on an hourly basis for all work performed in addition to the recurring ranking check fee which is performed every 8 to 12 weeks. Unless you have a large site, rankings checks generally average no more than the minimum. You can expect most modifications average an hour or so to complete, again dependent upon the size of the site.

The Advanced SEO Plan is for those who are seriously dedicated to doing the very best they can for their web site! For best results, the site owner needs to be seriously committed and involved to completing their end of the workload which can be quite time consuming. The best search engine optimization results are obtained only if the site owner is seriously dedicated to doing the work involved to help better rankings.