Communicate Cooperate

Isn’t it natural for a professional web designer to think that you’ve hired us because you want a professional job for your money? In order for things to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, we need your best effort when it comes to communication and cooperation. Read on for ways in which you can help make this happen and how to actively participate in helping to keep your costs down.

An Open Mind Goes a Long Way

Try to keep an open mind. As much as you might want what you’re asking for, it may not be what’s best for your web site. Your designer can help you make informed decisions by giving you input on your site ideas. It’s part of our job to discuss with you what is best for the site and what’s potentially or definitely not so good. We’re not here to tell you what to do, we don’t expect you to blindly follow the leader.

You make the final decision, but don’t shut your designer out when they’re trying to explain something to you. If you need to take some time to think about it, by all means do so! But tell your designer you need to do this and keep them informed of where things are at. Don’t leave them in Limbo-Land.

Your Cooperation Counts Big Time!

If you want your project to go smoothly and for your website designer to get your site up as quickly as possible, he or she needs your cooperation during all phases and in every aspect of its development. Many web sites are delayed because the client isn’t cooperating. A good web designer strives to put your site up within the most reasonable time possible. We’re not going to send Uncle Veto to break your knee caps if you don’t provide your content in a timely fashion, but we can develop your site more quickly with your cooperation. Your web site is a priority to us – it needs to be a priority for you, too. If we don’t get your best cooperation, please don’t ask us “when will it be done?” or tell us “but I need it done now!” How can you possibly expect us to complete your site if you’re not doing your part to help make it happen?

Give Me Some Examples

When a site is planned for development, most designers work on some kind of schedule. If we don’t have your content at the time we were expecting it – we can’t work on your site. The time-line for submission of content is normally spelled out in either the original proposal or your contract. Some designers will charge an additional fee for late content.

What? Charge me if I don’t get you my content on time? There are a multitude of designers out there who’s website work is their livelihood, their sole means of support. Their job is no different than your own which supports you and your family. It’s what pays their bills, feeds their kids and puts a roof over their head. Just because they may work out of their home doesn’t mean they don’t consider this a real job! Some of us work harder at home than people who work outside the home and are on just as tight a budget as you if not more-so. If you delay your own site development in any way, you’re delaying your designer’s paycheck. Like many of us, without a paycheck they’re not able to meet their financial responsibilities and obligations.

At times designers must turn down jobs or refer potential clients to other designers because their schedule is full. If your site is on that schedule and you aren’t pulling your end of things, you’re not only delaying the designer’s paycheck, but you’ve also caused them to lose new business. It’s only right they should be compensated for the financial loss your delay has cost them.

What if your paycheck were delayed? If you signed a contract that includes a clause for paying an additional fee for late content, it’s your responsibility to either see that the content arrives on time, or pay the additional fee. It really is your own choice, and we are all responsible for our choices.

To help you to be as ready as possible for your web site adventure, we urge you to visit our Preparing for Your Website page for tips and hints on client preparation. Following these simple steps will help you keep your costs down.