Congratulations! You WON an AWARD!

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It’s really a great feeling isn’t it? You’ve just received an email telling you that you’ve won an award for something. You probably didn’t even know you were up for an award unless you’d entered a contest or participated in an activity that honors the top winner(s) with some kind of an award. Most of the time, people hoping to win an award are aware that they’re in the running. They’ve applied for it, written something and submitted it for consideration, maybe you’re an athlete in some sport and you […]

Proper reciprocal linking (also known as “backlinks”) will help your search engine rankings. The biggest scramble is Google. Google is considered the search engine and is the most important search engine to rank well in. This doesn’t mean you should disregard the other current popular engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask because they do have a respectable impact as well. But the Big Kahoona is Google — and where everyone strives to get good placement. Google has gotten so big and so popular that people don’t say “search the Internet” for something anymore … they say “Google it!” Now, what does that tell you?

Search engines make changes to their algorythms and requirements all the time. What’s most important today may not be next week, next month or next year. Of course, they all can’t just work together to make it easy and all do things the same way! Oh no! Each search engine has their own requirements. It takes work and dedication to keep up with the latest and greatest methods! This is where having a good SEO Specialist working for you is to your benefit.

One thing that hasn’t changed much, are good old fashioned backlinks. This means that someone has your site link on their web site or in other terms — a link on their web site points to your site. It’s best that their site content be in the same category or topic as yours. These have always been the best links and normally they happen when you have information on your site that another site likes and is relative so they voluntarily add a link to a page on your site. They don’t have to contact you to do this. They just to it. You can actually consider it an honor, in most cases that is!

Unfortunately, you may not always like the site that links to yours. I had this happen to me once and actually tried to get them to remove my link. I wasn’t successful. I haven’t been able to find a law that governs this to date, so as far as I know there’s no way to force another web site to remove your link. The best you can do is to hope that at least it’s a respectable web site and not a site you wouldn’t want your children or your Mother to visit! Not only will it not do much to boost your rankings, but it can be embarassing as well.

The Bottom Line is This —

If you really want to give your site and your business it’s best shot at good rankings, you’ll do what Google wants! These days, backlinks are very high on Google’s list of requirements to rank well.

If your designer or SEO person tells you that locating directories to list your site in, that finding other sites to link to and from is important … you need to listen up and do exactly that. This task is not job for your SEO company, this is best accomplished by the client. Not only do you know your business and products best, but it would cost you a pretty penny to pay someone to dig up these links for you. Finding respectable reciprocal links is crucial to obtaining good rankings and it’s probably one of the most important things you should do for your web site. You also don’t just scour the web once, find what you can and send these on to your SEO person for approval and inclusion on your site. This is an ongoing task. Think of all the new web sites that are published on the Internet every single day, and then there’s those that drop off the face of the Internet for one reason or another. Adding new as you find them and keeping current is very important. If you don’t follow this advice and your site doesn’t rank as well as you’d like it to,  take a look in the mirror because that’s where you’ll find the downfall.

This doesn’t mean you should scour the Internet for just any old site that will place a link to yours on theirs in exchange for their link on your site. No, no, I repeat — NO! This won’t do you any good at all and in fact will eventually do more harm than good. But it does explain why although I have a brief list of reciprocal links, they’ve been carefully chosen, strategically placed and are one of the reasons my own site has excellent search engine rankings!