SEO - a Reality Check

I’m going to be very up front and honest with you. Good SEO is not one time addition to your web site, it’s a long-term commitment on the part of both SEO Specialist and you the client. Search engines change their requirements, technology improves rapidly, web surfers alter their habits, your competitors come and go, your products or services change and the list goes on. As these things and others change, so should your web site.

Proper search engine optimization is an ongoing process that includes monitoring and making adjustments or “tweaking” as needed. Your web site content needs to be refreshed on a regular basis and after the basic site is live, you need to “keep growing” your web site. The more relevant pages you have on your web site containing good solid content, the more chances it has of being found and gaining ground in the race to be seen. The smaller the web site, the harder it is to get it ranked. If you’re only targeting local traffic, it’s not quite as difficult but I can’t stress enough that the more relevant pages you have on your site, the better it is. Think about it … if you have a small site, how can you expect to be found among the bazillion or more web pages on the Internet? I hear often things like “but I don’t have anything else to say.” To be very blunt, my reply to that is going to be “then you better think harder!” It pretty much works like finding a needle in a haystack. The more needles, the easier it is to find. Women can relate to this probably better than men for the simple reason that they carry purses jammed full of things. Your purse is the Internet and the contents are websites. Ever try to find something small in a full purse? I rest my case.

You need to be involved in the process. Your cooperation with your Search Engine Specialist is one of the major keys to your success. If you don’t make this all important effort, you cannot blame your SEO company if things don’t go well. We can’t pull things out of a hat to make your site better, we work with what you provide to us. Good SEO is not just about hiring someone to perform a one-time-service … that only gets you a few miles down the road. You must make and keep the commitment to follow through on your end.

Successful search engine optimization takes time and effort. It’s not like putting dinner in the crock pot and forgetting about it until dinner is done. If you forget to baste the roast it dries out. If you forget to optimize your web site on a regular basis, it goes stale and slides into oblivion. There is no such thing as overnight success. It’s hard work and it’s time consuming.

BEWARE of Guaranteed High Rankings

It’s very important that you understand that a reputable Search Engine Specialist or company will not guarantee placement of your web site in the search engines. They know that there is absolutely no way to guarantee rankings. If someone tells you they’ll guarantee you good rankings, they are either misinformed or lying to you.

There are those who will claim that they will guarantee you high rankings. Some will even go so far as to guarantee first placement. These companies may in fact be successful at getting your site to the top. What’s happened is that they’ve saturated your web site with illegal content in order to sky rocket your rankings. You see your site jump to first place and you’re ecstatic! This is nothing more than a temporary “flash in the pan.”

What Happens Then?

Somewhere down the road may come the day you can’t find your site, it’s disappeared off the face of the search engines. If you can’t find your site, no one else can either. What’s happened? Your web site has been banned by the search engines! Trying to get a site off the banned list of each search engine is not a quick nor easy task and there is no guarantee it will be removed. There are sites that have been banned permanently! If eventually you’re successful in getting the search engines to resurrect it, you must then start all over from the bottom and try to scramble your way to the top using legal measures.

Submitting to 100’s of Search Engines

Disreputable companies will tell you they will submit your site to perhaps hundreds of search engines. They’ll tell you that they’ll do this on a regularly scheduled basis and convince you that it’s the way to move right up there into first place. Wrong! Once a site is submitted to a search engine and indexed there is no need to submit it any longer. If you have good solid legal content, once indexed it will remain indexed. As a matter of fact, submitting a site more than once can have a negative result in the long run. Today’s reality is that websites no longer even need to be submitted to most search engines. This process has gone the way of bygone days.

What is search engine indexing? This means that a web site has been included in that search engine’s index (or listing) of web sites. Web sites don’t just “fall out” of a search engine. They will absolutely and most definitely “float around” in ranking because that’s the nature of search engines, but they won’t fall out for no reason. Keep in mind that indexing and ranking are two different things. Your site may be indexed but that doesn’t mean it will automatically rank well.

Hundreds of search engines, heh? Well, when you consider that there are only a handful of of top search engines that web surfers utilize which are considered good search engines and and that are influential in the overall picture — just what other search engines might these companies be submitting your site to? Absolutely any itty bitty little obscure site that calls themselves a search engine. Your site is submitted to search engines that no one ever heard of and that no one uses. Then of course there’s the porn engine submissions. Yup! It’s true! How’d you like to find your site at the top of an x-rated search engine? Pretty horrific if you ask me!

Ranking Considerations

There are just to many outside factors involved in search engine optimization and ranking that absolutely no one or no machine has control over to accurately guarantee rankings. Let me give you just a few of examples …

  1. Consider first that there are billions of web sites on the Internet! Your site is just one among these billions. It’s like being one single ant crawling on the entire planet!
  2. Then there’s your competition … brick and mortor stores may have several local competitors. Your web site competes with others all over the world! You may have a very unique product that has become quite popular in your area. People are buying right and left. So, you get yourself a web site looking for more success only to find out there are hundreds if not thousands of web sites selling your same or similar product! So much for unique.
  3. We are not able to perform necessary services that would potentially improve your ranking if you set limits that prevent us from doing so. In other words, we may offer advice — but you may choose not to take it. Most people refuse better search engine optimization techniques because they don’t want to spend the money and/or don’t want to invest their own time into higher levels of optimization practices.
  4. Search engines cannot read images. Web sites built entirely or even majorly in graphics or with key content built into the images of the site do not rank well in the search engines.

If you’re ready to make the commitment to help get your web site found and to continue working towards higher rankings, I have a search engine optimization plan that will help you do this.