SEO is Also YOUR Job

It’s important that you understand that I can do my very best SEO on your site, but if you don’t cooperate and do your part as well, you’re not going to do as well in the search engines as you could be. SEO is also your job as a client!

There is work to do on your part in order to get your site listed in what are called “directories.” Most of my clients do the footwork to find them and then send the link to the directory for me to review. If it’s determined to be a good place to link your site — I will do the work to help get your rankings up. I’m not going to regularly remind you of your need to participate, it’s your web site and your responsibility to do the best you can for it!

It will be your job to locate related directories and web sites on which you will want your site link to appear. Links from other web sites are called “backlinks” or “reciprocal links” and are absolutely crucial to the overall success of your site.

If you do your part and I do mine, there is an excellent chance that your site will do quite well in the rankings. If I’m working my end of things and you are not, then you simply have no one to blame but yourself if your site does not do as well as it could be in the search engine rankings war.

Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

I shudder when I hear that someone is counting solely on their web site to bring in their salary. Never ever consider your web site as your sole means of income! Eventually there may come a day when one can do this but that day is not here yet and I’m not expecting this to happen in my lifetime.

It’s business suicide to count solely on your web site to spring you into millionaire status. If you’re in business, securing a web site and some good SEO is a “must do” in today’s world. However, it’s important that you understand that SEO on a “stand-alone basis” will not grow your business to it’s highest potential if you don’t combine it with some good marketing techniques.

Marketing Your Web Site

Your web site does not automatically market or promote you — you must market and promote your web site! If you need someone to assist you with marketing and promotion — ask me! I will put you in touch with a promotion and/or marketing professional.