Search Engine Optimization

I value my clients, my business and the good name I’ve made for myself over the years. One of the things that’s helped me to be successful is that I practice only honest, legal, organic methods when optimizing both my own and all my client’s websites for the search engines. My techniques do not include any form of hidden or illegal tactics.

The use of methods designed to trick the search engines only last so long, during which time you may experience that “flash in the pan” initial success. After the flash fizzles, what usually happens is anything from a slow downwards creep, a sudden tremendous drop in rankings or you might wake up one day to find that your web site’s been banned from the search engines and it’s just not there anymore.

That initial rush of success is exciting and the unethical company who optimized that site can then claim “We did it!” but what they don’t tell you is that this is a temporary high. It really is nothing more than a trick which falls into the “take your money and run” approach.

The Common Sense Approach

A big part of of search engine optimization is a common sense approach which includes but isn’t limited to studying your web site, researching key words and phrases, and making competitor comparisons. Because writing copy for a web site is not the same as writing for printed media such as books and magazines, I’ll have a look at your content as well.

I want my client’s web sites to be successful and so I’ll optimize your site using the same proven methods as I do on my own site. These techniques are commonly referred to as organic search engine optimization and is the long standing method that’s worked for many years and continues to work today.