How Long Will it Take for My Web Site to be #1?

Right after “How much will my web site cost?” this has got to be the most often asked question every web designer or search engine specialist is asked. In fact, I had a new client ask me this just the other day. It seems to be the number one sought after answer every client considering delving into search engine optimization for their web site wants to know. The honest, up-front answer is probably one you won’t like the answer to because the answer is that I don’t know. No one knows because there is no way to predict this and no way to guarantee it either.

Even the best SEO experts literally cannot and will not predict or guarantee first place rankings and I believe this attitude is what helped them get to be experts in their field. There are companies out there that will make promises and give you guarantees, but what they don’t tell you (or will skirt around the issue or lie about it if you ask them) is that their methods will not be legal, their techniques will jeopardize your web site standings and put your site directly in the line of fire for being shot down and banned from the search engines. They are out to take your money, period. So, the first lesson you need to learn is that there is no guarantee for high  rankings and no honest, self-respecting search engine specialist (including me) will make you that promise.

Search Engine Optimization is Like Football & Taxes

When a football team is gearing up for a game, they do all the things football players do to try to ensure a win. Not being a football fan, I can’t tell you specifically what preparations they make other than to attend all the practices and knock themselves out at the gym trying to get their bodies in the best shape they can. An honest football player will not resort to using steroids because that could not only endanger his health but potentially get him kicked off the team, right? Does all the team preparation guarantee a win? No! Why not? You can calculate the odds and prepare yourself until you drop but you simply cannot guarantee which team is going to win that game. Do you see the correlation here?

Switch the light bulb on folks! The only real guarantees in life are birth and death. Most people add “paying taxes” to that mix, but we all know that not every living being pays taxes and that some people cheat on them. Cheaters take the chance of having to pay the consequences of being caught. Living even a part of my life in an 8×8 brick room for cheating on my taxes is not on my list of things to do nor is seeing my web site or those of my clients fall out of grace with the search engines, so cheating is not an option for me. When it comes to your web site, it shouldn’t be an option for you either.

The next time you consider asking a web designer or search engine optimization company how long it will take for your site to be Number One, remember that if they know what they’re talking about, their answer will be similar to mine.

You can find more information by reviewing the SEO section of my web site where you’ll find several pages of information that’s crucial for you to understand about the process.

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