Meet Our Logo Guy — Keith Doles

Keith Doles - Graphic Designer, Jacksonville,FL Keith is a bright, young, professional graphic and logo designer living and working in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s a joy to work with and also helps out with general design and coding work whenever the need arises. We haven’t met a website yet that Keith cannot help make stand out in a crowd with his professional artwork!

His background includes painting and illustration and he works with individual clients in the public and private sectors. Keith also maintains an active art exhibition schedule in several venues in Northeast Florida. Visit Keith’s website to learn more about him and browse through his creative works!

Logo Design by Keith Doles

Below is a sampling of logos designed by Keith. Click on the logo image for a slightly larger and clearer view of the image or click the link below the logo image to visit the live website and see how great Keith’s logos display on our client’s websites! Note that if there is no link it simply means the website is no longer available which is out of our control. More logos by Keith

How to Get Your Custom Logo

That’s right, every website we build includes a custom designed logo created especially for you if you wish! Your logo is a key element to your website and your business. When you contract with us to build your website, Keith will go to work to create a stunning custom logo perfectly suited to your style.

Keith will work from your ideas or if you prefer, he’ll start from scratch with his own ideas based on your website topic and style. Either way, you’ll be presented with several design concepts to choose from and the final result will be a unique, one of a kind design that will compliment your website and help brand your company name effectively. Your logo will be website and print-ready to go to your professional printer for use on your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, t-shirts … whatever!

Already Have a Logo?

  • Is your current logo outdated? Would you like to retire or perfect it with something fresh and new?
  • Does your logo need just a little this or that to make it perfect but you’re not sure what this or that is?
  • Have you made changes to your business and now your logo is close but just doesn’t quite fit anymore?
  • Does your company branding need a refreshing change or a total rebranding?
  • Has your existing logo gotten its point across like you hoped it would?
  • Is your logo truly website ready or does it look fuzzy or maybe dull on your website?
  • Does it print well on all your important documents, t-shirts or other products that advertise your business?
  • Do you want to keep the same basic logo concept but jazz it up a little with updated colors or a more effective font?

No problem! Keith can refresh your current logo with just the right touch of pizazz while keeping with the same concept your original logo holds.

Is Your Logo too Much of a Security Blanket?

A company logo is its visual statement. It can and should tell people at a glance who your company is and what your company does. Your logo creates market recognition and gives the consumer a feeling of trust and value in your company.

Some folks are afraid to update their logo for fear it will damage their business and so they hang onto it like a child hangs onto their favorite teddy bear. This can be especially true of you’ve created your logo yourself without the benefit and knowledge of an experienced graphic designer. It’s common, not unexpected and actually quite normal for people who design their own logos to sometimes be just a little too close to it to be truly objective.

When done right and for the right reasons, refreshing your logo when you update your website shows your customers (and your competition!) that you’re a progressive business person who keeps up with the times, you’re on top of things so they don’t get old and stale. An updated logo doesn’t have to be a total makeover, it can still be you and your original business concept – but better!

Should You Change Your Logo?

When you submit your website planner, we’ll review your existing website and logo and discuss with you whether or not a new or updated logo is something you should consider. We won’t push you into making a change, we’ll simply give you our honest feedback and some options so you can make an informed decision.